American Excavating Corp. offers the following products. We've made our cubic yard calculator available to assist you in estimating your product needs.


* Contractors must have a dump truck to pick up materials – no pickup trucks and/or trailers are allowed. Please Note: For liability reasons, homeowners cannot pick up materials in our yard. There are no exceptions to this policy!

* Local delivery includes one hour round trip travel from 5 Madden Road in Derry, NH. American Excavating will charge $5 per CY for each additional hour of delivery time.

* Delivery times 7:30AM to 4:00PM, Monday - Friday, and some Saturdays by explicit arrangement with American Excavating.


Please call for availability prior to pick up.

All accounts are COD unless previously arranged.

Credit cards are not accepted. Payment may be made by cash or check.

Contractors - please call for bulk pricing.

Please call for additional help calculating Cubic Footage (CF) and for any necessary clarifications about our delivery service.

ProductPicked UpLocal Delivery
1/2" Screened Loam$9.00/CY$14.00/CY
3/4" Screened Fill$6.50/CY$11.50/CY
12" Minus Fill$4.00/CY$9.00/CY
Loam Tailings$1.00/CY$6.00/CY
Unscreened Sand$22.00/CY$27.00/CY
1/2" Screened Sand$25.00/CY$30.00/CY
Bank Run Gravel$18.50/CY$23.50/CY
2" Crushed Gravel$22.50/CY$27.50/CY