American Excavating Corp. offers the following products. We've made our cubic yard calculator available to assist you in estimating your product needs.

ProductPicked Up**Local Delivery*
Screened Loam$12.00/cy$18.00/cy
3" Minus Screened Fill$5.75/cy$10.75/cy
Unscreened Fill$4.50/cy$9.50/cy
Tailings (Fill)$1.00/cy$6.00/cy
3/8" Fill (aka Stone Dust or Mall Sand)$6.75/cy$11.75/cy
BankRun Gravel$11.50/cy$16.50/cy
Crushed Gravel - Non State Spec$11.50/cy$16.50/cy
Crushed Gravel - State Spec$13.00/cy$18.00/cy
6" Minus Stone (aka Rip Rap)$16.00/cy$27.00/cy
2" Minus Stone$18.25/cy$23.25/cy
Stump Grindings$8.00/cy$13.00/cy

* A minimum order of 15 cubic yards is required for delivery. Local delivery includes one hour round trip travel from 5 Madden Road in Derry, NH.

** Contractors must have a dump truck to pick up materials – no pickup trucks and/or trailers are allowed. Please Note: For liability reasons, homeowners cannot pick up materials in our yard. There are no exceptions to this policy! OTHER TERMS & CONDITIONS

Please call for availability prior to pick up.

All accounts are COD unless previously arranged.

Credit cards are not accepted. Payment may be made by cash or check.

Contractors - please call for bulk pricing.